The Hippie and The Redneck

So, we were living in our dream home out in the country in Kuna, Idaho (that’s KYOO-nuh). Our home was perfect, 1700sq ft, split level, on one acre and we had put so much hard work and love into it over the last 2.5 years. We had a little ‘farm’, a beautiful garden and the neighborhood was very pleasant. But, we both felt like there was something else out there for us. Sure, Sunday drives and weekend camping trips were keeping us busy and our minds happy. However, we felt we were stuck in the same day after day rut, the same old routine and wanted a change.

My husband Jeff was miserable working a monotonous, labor intensive job that had him in overtime missing most of his twenties. And although I had finished college, worked in my dream job, I now found myself at desk job given my chronic pain conditions. I could no longer work with animals and it broke my heart. We both however have huge passions outside of work. Jeff has become quite the hobby photographer, taking photos of birds, wildlife and the occasional family set. And I enjoy making jewelry, I run an Etsy shop and often set up booths at craft shows.

So, you’re probably thinking, well what the hell does this have to do with what you’re doing now? Well, we started thinking, why don’t we get out there and do the things we’re passionate about? Jeff got this wonderful idea to go on the road, exploring and hiking trails and mountains, taking photos of the scenery as we go and finding places to sell our art. He thought it would be such a great adventure for us to down size our lives, maybe move into in an RV and live a little more simply. This sounded like the craziest, scariest thing we could ever do and he was so surprised that I agreed to do it. This meant leaving our dream home behind and just dropping our lives where they were. But, I agreed and we got started.

So follow us as we experience life living tiny and traveling wherever the road takes us…

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  1. Oh, you two. I don’t even have words for how tickled I am for you. I can’t wait to see your adventures as you join the traveling and tiny-living community.

  2. Way to be courageous and follow your dreams and hearts! May you be blessed in your travels, learn, grow, and continue to share the joy!!! Best of luck to you both, and swing on by the homestead any time you need a little kindred farmstead animal community!!!

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