And We’re Off!!

The van is finally ready and so are we! We got the 5th wheel parked at my aunt’s place over the weekend and have been staying at Jeff’s parent’s the last few days while we get the remaining things finished up before we head out. ‘Vanna’ is now fully loaded with everything we should need and hopefully we haven’t forgotten anything!

Leaving yesterday we were both silent in the van for what seemed like an eternity but I’m sure it was only 15 mins or so. Finally one of us spoke up, ‘We’re on the road!’ I joked about the scenery being so beautiful as we hadn’t even left Canyon County. It is a little surreal to think we are actually doing this, so much talk and hype and now we’re finally on the road. This is quite a journey we’re about embark upon, we’re quite excited and let’s be honest a little nervous too. We have left the tiny 5th wheel we call home behind and this van will now become our home for the next few months.

For this first part of our adventures, we are actually aiming to travel to the Florida Everglades. We will slowly meander our way towards Florida taking stops at national parks, hidden camping sites and hiking trails along the way. I also have two younger siblings who live in the Daytona Beach area, so as we traveling through to the Everglades, we will be able stop and visit with them. Jeff has never met them and I haven’t seen them for a few years, we’re all excited.

Yesterday we made our way SE to Utah, finding ourselves at the Bear River Bird Migratory Refuge. We got there just about 30 minutes too late to enter the visitors center but were able to drive the ‘auto tour’. We saw a handful of water fowl and few Red-winged Black Birds. We drove around a bit more and landed in Ogden for the night to sleep.

After coffee was made this morning we made our way through SLC rush hour traffic to go view the Great Salt Lake. We didn’t get as close as we wanted but she sure was a big and beautiful lake! So South back through the crazy traffic we went! We’re headed down toward Zion National Park area today. Looks like it may be a long drive today, we will continue to keep our eyes peeled for birds and wildlife. We’re keeping a birding list, so we can keep track of what kind and how many birds we see during the entire trip. I also started playing the license plate game yesterday and am amazed at how many we’ve seen already and we’re only in Utah!

Manko ready to take off in our fully loaded Vanna’


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