Carlsbad Caverns

Tuesday afternoon we arrived at Carlsbad Caverns National Park for exploration. As we are driving up to the park Jeff notices a sign that indicates no elevator services. If you haven’t heard of or looked into Carlsbad Cavern’s, then no elevators doesn’t seem like a big deal. But when you have to trek a mile and a half down into a steep dark hole and then back up, no elevator is a pretty big deal. As we started down, we passed people coming back up and I joked about being nervous to come back up seeing how wiped-out everyone was. But, once you start walking down though, each step deeper is definitely worth it. The caverns were absolutely amazing and were like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The cave is primarily made of limestone and the caverns were formed by the strong dissolving action of sulfuric acid. All of these formations were so unique and placed just so, almost as if we were in an art gallery. We made it down, then started our trek back up. We stopped numerous times on our way back up to catch our breath, take more photos and to let me rest. This was a pretty steep trek and my back was not too impressed with climbing it.

After wandering through the gift shop and visitors center to cool down and catch our breath, we drove through to Pecos, Texas where we stayed for the night.

Inside the caverns
Just amazing!

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