Entertainment on the Road

Vanna is proving to be quite the beast on the road! She’s been pretty amazing to us so far and we’re getting more and more acquainted to life on the road. Walmart parking lots, public restrooms, long stretches of road, and dirty feet are becoming quite familiar. Routine is a big key in keeping things going smoothly in such tight quarters, Jeff and I work really well as a team and I think that also helps. Of course we’ve had a few days where we’ve been a bit cranky to each other but that’s expected when you’re in a van for hours.

Finding entertainment has been a fun challenge for us. There are days where we have no particular destination, so we just drive aimlessly looking for something to do. We use to just go for drives all the time back home for no reason and would be completely content with our day but now with living in the van the aimless driving can get a little frustrating. Jeff’s really good at randomly making noises or poking me if it gets too quiet in here but I can’t say that I’m really any better so music has been a great savior there. We also recently bought a crossword puzzle book, which we can do together while driving and it passes time quite well.

Since we’re on a budget, we often search online for free things to do within the city we are in, or spend a lot of time at city parks relaxing if we are done driving. Art festivals are a great way to spend the day in a nice town and usually have freed admission. We have also found some cities offer free admission into some museums as well. We do hike or go on a lot of nature trails as well. We also like walking around downtown of older towns to look at the old architecture.

And of course there is an array of nightlife activities in most cities, but again we’re trying to conserve our cash. It would be easy to spend all our money on going out eat and getting drinks but we’ve been trying really hard to only eat the food we buy at the grocery store. We have spoiled ourselves a couple times, no restaurants just fast food. And Jeff’s mom sent money to us specifically for food so we got a gift card at Subway, nice treat once in awhile when we’re really feeling hungry. (thank you again!)

When we park Vanna for the night, but we’re not quite ready for sleep, we do have books and our computers to ease our restless minds. Jeff will often go over photos, and I try to write. Walmart also offers free WiFi, so when we’re parked there we can connect to Netflix or stream something to watch before bed.

Some days life on the road can seem boring but honestly it’s one the most exciting things I’ve done. All places we’re seeing, people meeting, and family we’re seeing. It’s all such a great experience!

Annoying Jeff with the shark claw
Dinner and a movie
Manko seems quite impressed with our crossword time



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