I love the Smell of Gasoline in the Morning

Our van has been giving us a little bit of trouble again. Fuel is still leaking from below, it leaks the most when we completely fill the gas up or when go over lots of bumps. It’s not a lot of leaking but enough to make a smell and annoy us. Then the last week or so when we try starting her up, it takes a long time or doesn’t even start at all. We eventually get it started and then the van is fine for the rest of day. Jeff is pretty dang sure it’s all still related to the fuel pump we had fixed back in Arizona.

We’re in Grants Pass, Oregon now visiting with Jeff’s Grammy and family. While we’re here Jeff is going to work for his uncle for a couple weeks so we can make a little money to continue on our journey. He starts work on Monday and will need the van to get here and there. He’s going to be spending time over the weekend trying to fix it. We’re crossing our fingers we can figure it out so he can get to work and so Vanna doesn’t leave us stranded anywhere.

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  1. Most of the time when you have a residue smell when full. The o-ring around the top of the tank, where the fuel pump module drops in, is mis-aligned or torn. The hard start issue maybe fuel pressure related. Find a gauge or cycle the key 3 or 4 times before you crank it over. If y’all need more help feel free to call.

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