Best Birthday Yet

I celebrated my 30th birthday last weekend. It’s a pretty big birthday, a big milestone, and I have to admit I’m a little nervous about entering into this next phase of my life. I’m not sure why though, age is merely just numbers. And as they say, like a fine wine we only get better with time. (šŸ˜‰).

I’ve always enjoyed celebrating birthdays, I even try to get away with having birthday ‘weekends’ or ‘weeks’. So, even though I was a little nervous about turning 30 and we’re on a bit of a budget, I was really looking forward to doing something fun. Colleen (the bestie) flew into Seattle from Idaho to spend the weekend with us and help celebrate the loss of my twenties. I was super excited to see her since we’ve been gone since March! Colleen came in Friday morning and left Tuesday afternoon, from the moment she landed we were non-stop sight-seeing and exploring the Seattle area. We got home late every night, only one night of the four nights she stayed did we make it home before the sun set.

Colleen surprised us by telling me that her mom would be purchasing tickets for the three of us to go see one of my favorite bands (Dirty Heads) play in Seattle while she was here. I was beyond excited and couldn’t believe how generous that was either. That Saturday, on my birthday we headed in downtown and Colleen bought all of us City Passes. A City Pass gets you into 5 different hot spot tourist locations at a discounted rate. We chose to check out The Space Needle, Chihuly Garden and Glass, EMP Museum, Seattle Aquarium and Argosy Cruises (1 hour harbor tour). As you can see there was a lot to do and many things for our eyes to gazed upon in just a few days.

The Space Needle was so much fun, with the City Pass we were able to go up twice, once in the daylight and another time in the evening. Seeing the city at that height was so pretty and I only got that ‘Oh my goodness I’m scared of heights’ feeling in my stomach once. It’s hard to believe they originally built that building with intentions of tearing it down after the world’s fair. EMP Museum and Chihuly Garden and Glass have a lot of interesting items. Chihuly’s work is lovely and the exhibits inside EMP are educational and quite impressive. We enjoyed the aquarium, they had a nice sized octopus and some really cute sea lions to watch splash around. But, I think the Argosy Cruise was one of my favorite things from the City Pass. It was just a small cruise ship that took a group of people out on a narrated harbor tour. Our tour guide was very amusing and showed us some great things about the city.

Now going to the concert with the bestie and hubby that Sunday was the best part of the entire weekend. The lineup was Bleeker, Tribal Seeds, Dirty Heads (my fave) and Sublime w/Rome. The opening band was a rock band from Canada neither of us had heard of before but they kick booty. The singer had a stellar voice and some fun stage performance. We had never seen Tribal Seeds live before that night, they performed really well. When it came time for Dirty Heads, all though we’ve seen them before I felt as gitty as a teen girl waiting to see her first boy band concert. (!!) They killed their set and totally did an amazing job. Sublime w/ Rome of course performed to perfection as well. All in all the entire show was grand and so was my birthday weekend. I hadĀ so much fun and am so grateful to have a friend like Colleen. It was wonderful for her to come see us during our adventures on the road.

*Remember to check ourĀ FACEBOOKĀ page for additional photos of our adventures. And if you’re going to be visiting Seattle or even live in the area. VisitĀ HEREĀ for information on City Passes. It’s a great discounted way to see some of the hottest areas of the city. And of course, if you’re interested in hearing my favorite band Dirty Heads, go check them outĀ HERE.

Our City Passes
The three of us up at Space Needle
View from the cruise ship
Chihuly Garden and Glass
Dirty Heads on stage

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