The Big Move

After hours upon hours of craigslist searching, used and new lots, we finally found a 5th wheel and for a hell of a deal too! We started going through our things, deciding what we really needed and what wasn’t necessary to keep lugging around. The biggest and probably the hardest thing for us to do was to figure out what to do with the “micro farm”. Jeff and I both have a soft spot in our hearts for animals, and we had a handful of pets. With the array of animals, most of our friends called the house a zoo! We had 5 tortoises, a few fish tanks, a total of 6 chickens and ducks, a rabbit, a canary, a cat, a dog and a small parrot. We definitely knew the dog, cat and bird were staying with us. Our dog only weighs about 12lbs and she’s the princess, the cat and I had been buddies since before my husband I even started dating so there was no question there, and my parrot, well I just wasn’t going to let him go, he’s precious to me. We did find great homes for everyone. The tortoises even went to a local reptile rescue and that made us feel good knowing they went there. It was a bitter sweet feeling, but it was one step closer to new journey.

Downsizing our things was hard at first, trying to decide if something is really worth taking up space. The 5th wheel we bought was 31 feet in length and we estimated our total square footage with the slide was about 275sq feet. Big change for us coming from 1700sq foot! I think I went through my clothes alone three times before we actually moved into the 5th wheel. I am happy to say however, we both are able to fit our clothes into standard sized rubber-maid totes. Of course this isn’t bigger items like coats and jackets, but we did do a good job. (I had two closets of clothes in our old house) Since we did only have a short time to get the house ready for selling and to minimize our things, we ended up needing a storage unit. I’m sure we will be able to get rid of a lot of things in storage since by now we haven’t even noticed these things are gone.

So, we officially moved into the 5th wheel around the first of October 2015. We’re renting a lot in a really nice mobile home park which allows RV/campers. The neighborhood is in Boise, right in town and such a big difference for us being right in town. We had been living in the country for a few years and were quite use to the country living life style. Our first few days we were without power, leaving us to use a generator just so we could run the lights and maybe the tv but it wasn’t enough power to heat up a shower. We like camping, but this wasn’t what we were thinking of when we decided to move. Once we finally got power, we started to settle into our new lifestyle quite well. There have been few things we’ve had to get use since moving into a tiny ‘home’, but surprisigly the space hasn’t one of them. The space is actually nice, no stairs to climb, less to clean and once we start, it’ll be way easier and cheaper to remodel than a standard sized home. A couple of the things we’ve had to learn; cooking on a propane stove, mastering the water pressure in shower and how to not blow the breaker when the space heater is running at the same time while the toaster oven is going or even the blow dryer! The outside sound changes took some time getting use to. We were use to hearing chickens, donkeys braying and tractors plowing. Now, we hear sirens, motorcycles and the trucks bringing in new shipments for the stores we live right behind. But, I don’t jump up and look out the door at every loud crash and boom sound anymore. We were also quite surprised how dusty it gets in here and how long the smells from cooking simmer through out the place. But these are all things worth discovering as we move forward. I laid here one night after we first moved in and looked at my husband saying, “We’re really doing this!”

Our new ‘home’!!
The inside. We have a lot of work to do!
Look at all that teal…

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