Time to Go

June just can’t get here fast enough! Jeff and I often text each other while were at work and jokingly asking if it’s time to leave yet. Meaning is it time to head off on the road yet. All winter he tried to get me to leave to Arizona and live where his sister is, “Just winter there” he says. I couldn’t even count with both hands how many times I heard that. Well, one day we finally got serious about it. It was about the first of February, we’re both at work and he asked me as usual and this time I said yes. “No really, I’m serious let’s go!” I said. We were bored at work, I was in pain and we both were just ready for some sunshine and the open road.

That afternoon, we discussed this hasty decision and decided June was just too far away. We still didn’t have van/small RV yet or anything really ready so we couldn’t just leave, so March is when we decided our departure would be. Leaving for this trip also means we will need to leave our jobs behind as well. We knew this already months ago when we planned for this big adventure, but now it had to happen. We’ve talked about me leaving work numerous times due to my pain, so this seems like a great time to see how I do. We both put in our two week notices, staggering with each other to keep a good money flow before we depart on the road. So then the search for a vehicle got serious! We finally decided a van was what we were going to search for. The experiences we would gain from traveling in a van is what we are looking for, it would make us get out and explore more living so tightly. Jeff was on the computer or his phone constantly searching. We would think we had a few good leads then the next day they were sold or something really bad was wrong with them. He was really starting to worry and stress about it, but I knew we’d find the right one. In the mean time, we had a lot of stuff to get ready. We both like making lists, so we have a notebook full of to-do’s, things to buy, and don’t forget’s. The 5th wheel will be parked on my aunt’s property while we’re gone, so on top of getting everything ready for this departure on the road our tiny home will need to be prepared to be parked for several months. There’s a lot to be done!

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