Vanna White

We found her! I knew we’d find the right van. She’s a 2001 Chevy Express, we’ve named her ‘Vanna White’. After we finally decided on a van we went back and forth on what kind of van. There’s numerous vans out there and various ways to convert them or to even buy them already converted. Of, course this didn’t help our decision much either, but the Express seemed to be the best fit for our budget.

Jeff has been spending his time off so far working on the inside of the van, converting it into a tiny RV. He’s built our bed tall enough to store totes underneath, added a couple cute recycled cabinets we found, and he even added flooring. He’s been working really hard and I can’t wait to get in there to pack the van, make the bed and maybe add a few more things to the wall. Our dog Manko has even explored the inside of the van and has happily found a couple spots to lay.

Vanna has unfortunately ran into a bit of a bump as we’ve been getting ready. Took her in for an inspection and to have the air conditioner looked at as it wasn’t working when we purchased it, the shop gave us quite a list. Most of the stuff on the list really wasn’t necessary, just them doing their job but there was a few things that we really should do before she makes this big journey. The shop wanted a big hunk of change just to do one part, so Jeff and a couple friends spent a few hundred bucks and a Sunday afternoon to get everything fixed. We still have the A/C to fix though and we’re waiting for the part to get here this Friday, so hopefully once this part comes in we will be golden.

All of these repairs have been a little disappointing, but we’re just glad to have them fixed now before we’re on the road. Now we just want to get going, we’re hoping to get the 5th wheel moved over to my aunt’s by the end of the weekend or so and off on the road this coming week. We’re crossing our fingers for no more bumps!

‘Vanna White’ and all her glory.

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