So far, everything has been going well. Vanna is holding steady and we’re slowly learning the ropes of things. This life on the road is a whole new beast to conquer and we haven’t even passed through the gates. Our ‘kids’ seem to be adjusting well also. We did bring my parrot Leonard along, I just couldn’t leave him with someone if we end up staying out for 6 months as we are planning. He’s a pretty easy going bird and so far hasn’t been fazed by any of the new commotion, just enjoys the sunny car ride. Our dog Manko is usually a nervous dog but is very use to riding in the car for long weekend trips and now after a few days seems to be settling in. Both of us are starting to get a system down already too, I think living in the 5th wheel prior really helped us prepare for this. Our space is definitely limited but it’s still livable!

We’ve spent the last couple days at Bryce Canyon and Zion Nation Park. Bryce Canyon was beautiful, but Zion is just breath taking. We spent one night not too far from Bryce Canyon, finding a nice ATV road to park the van for the night. While we were camping there, we saw our first “wild”Peregrine Falcon. In Boise, we have a pair that nest downtown and there are live web cameras to watch them. But this guy was ‘wild’ and soaring above the cliff! That next morning was quite chilly as we were at about 7,000 some feet elevation. As we drove into Zion we just couldn’t believe the views, photos really don’t do it justice. We spent the rest of that day driving through the park, looking at various informational maps, perusing the visitors center and we had lunch at the park in Springdale. We found another pull off road over looking a canyon outside of Zion to sleep for the night and returned to the park again today. This time we rode the shuttles which take you through Zion Canyon with 9 different stops, all with numerous walking trails and hikes. We hiked to the Lower and Upper Emerald Pools, then walked the Grottos Trail. The hiking took us a few hours, stopping frequently for photos, to look at birds, peer through the binoculars into caverns and to give my back a rest. The weather was perfect for hiking today too, we got up early so it was a touch chilly and windy when we started but by the time we were headed back down, our jackets were off and our foreheads sweaty. We haven’t seen the sun much lately living in Idaho, so we even got a little sunburn on our faces! We drove back through the park one last time this afternoon and just took it all in. Tired and sticky from our hike today we headed toward Arizona. We are now in Flagstaff, Az where we will stay for the night and in the morning will decide where to go next.

Inside Zion Canyon
Our morning hike had some great views

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