Mucus, Pepto and the Open Road

Something that probably never crossed our minds when planning this adventure was the chance of one of us or even both of us becoming sick while on the road. We were worried about how I would tolerate the traveling as far as my back and pain was concerned, but getting sick never crossed our minds.

I happened to have gotten a head cold right before we left, which of course would happen to me. The cold lasted for about ten days or so, just the typical head cold symptoms of congestion, coughing, etc. Jeff then got it too and he’s the captain of this vessel. So, with the captain sick, we were stuck. We moved on slowly through towns or suburbs, stopping in grocery store parking lots or parks to let him rest. Jeff’s head cold finally gave way after a few days and we were able to really continue onward with our travels.

As we were both finally starting to feel better, we were getting excited again about being in Florida. The area is so beautiful and the forests are so dense. Well, we rejoiced a bit too soon as a little flu bug or something decided to torment our bellies. We weren’t quite sure what was causing us to feel so ill though. Our diets had been completely turned upside down, the stress from traveling maybe, or even the water we refilled with at that last state park? Who knows?

We did know that living in a van and not having the luxury to use your own bathroom was something we truly missed. I had the blessing to have been in a campground with facilities when I became ill, however Jeff has not. This ‘bug’ has hit him much harder and he’s had to use many public restrooms and most recently vomited outside the van in the Walmart parking lot.

Pepto and Imodium have since become our friends. We are both feeling much better and after this little bout, we have decided if this will become a new life style for us then we may be trading Vanna for a small RV. When you’re feeling ill, having a bathroom, even if just a small one is better than using a truck stop restroom that has seen more truckers than a toilet wand.

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