Little Moments

We often get asked why we decided to go on the road. Why we gave up our dream home and left our jobs behind. We generally get into discussions about life and death. The uncertainty each day brings, that life should really be lived to it’s fullest. We hear people say they wish they could do what we are doing and really you can do anything you put your heart and mind into. We still can’t believe where we are now but we are and we wouldn’t change a thing.

But, one of the things that keeps us motivated to continue our adventures and our travels are the little moments. The little moments we get with people, new friends we make and most importantly with family we don’t get to see very often. Yes, the landscapes, birds, and just the traveling alone is motivation enough but seeing family makes every mile that much more worth it. We have family spread across the country and some of them we haven’t seen (or even met) in quite some time.

We recently spent some time in Weatherford, Texas with Jeff’s cousin Amy and her sweet little family. We hadn’t seen Amy in quite a few years and neither of us had met her husband or their adorable little girl either. They were all over joyed to have us in their home and were wonderful hosts as well. We stayed up late talking, watching TV and playing with their little girl. Amy even brought out some old photographs from when they were kids to look at, it was really great. The Berry’s fed us unbelievably well, our tummy’s were so full each day. Jeff and I had such a great time there, it was hard to leave.

Tucson, Arizona is where our travels took us next. Jeff’s sister Pam and her sweet family live here. We arrived in Tucson on Wednesday morning, just in time for their youngest to get out of kindergarten. We wanted to surprise the girls, so we sat in Pam’s car while she fetched Annabelle from school. We did this again later that afternoon when it was time to pick up their oldest, Maddy, from school. It was a priceless moment to see the expressions on their faces. While on our way to pick Maddy up, Annabelle held my hand and rested her head on my shoulder the whole way there.  The girls seem really excited for us to be here. (or maybe just excited about the dog 😉) We plan on visiting here in Arizona for awhile and we’re both very happy to be able to spend time Pam and her family.

Family is helping map our travels really. After Arizona, we have my niece and her husband in California to see, Jeff’s Grammy in Oregon (as well as aunts, uncles, and cousins), and Jeff’s other sister Rachel and her sweet family in Washington. Each one of these visits will be special as we don’t get see everyone as much as we’d like to. And it will be little moments and memories shared with them that helps keep us going on our adventures.

Us with the girls
Annabelle and Uncle Jeff ‘hunting’ for lizards.
Maddy holding Leonard

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