Choosing Our Path

Jeff and I have been on the road and exploring for almost 7 weeks now. We have seen some impressive land and have met some wonderful people. Our travels have taken us through some parts of Utah, into Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida. Staying warm this spring was our goal as winters in Idaho tend to be quite chilly. We’ve done pretty well so far staying warm, some days even too warm but we’ve also had a handful of days where we’ve got a chance to experience stormy weather in a new area too.

We’ve seen several beaches so far, both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic. It’s unreal how different each beach can be, how soft or coarse the sand is, or even how the colors vary. Marsh lands, swamps, bayous, long rivers and even desert have been our back drops as we cruise the open road. We have seen the oil country in Texas, the French Quarter of New Orleans, the famous ‘red dirt’ roads, the swamps of the South and tasted the salty winds of Florida.

We also have gone camping a couple times, but not like how were use to in Idaho. One night while camped in Florida, we discussed our adventures and where we were going. While we’ve enjoyed every second of the trip, we had decided the East Coast really wasn’t an area we wanted to continue to explore at this time. This decision wasn’t because we didn’t like the weather, the areas we explored or the people, because everything was beautiful and everyone we met was unbelievably nice. The one thing that sticks in the back of our heads while we’ve been exploring is a possibility for relocation. So we’ve made the decision to continue our travels more West as this better suits us. Staying a little South though was still in our plan during this time of year, but we decided to head back to the West.

Arizona is where we are currently, visiting Jeff’s sister and her little growing family in Tucson. We’ve been here just about two weeks and will continue to stay in Arizona for a couple more. There is so much to see here, Jeff and I have been taking off for a day or more to explore other areas and towns. Arizona has some great places for hiking and we’ve really enjoyed our time birding here too. It’s Spring, so the weather has been really nice and so far not as hot as we’ve heard it can get. This is an area I could see us relocating, or even wintering in. This of course would be something we’d discuss later on, after all of our adventures are done. We will soon be leaving Tucson to go off onto the White Mountain area, then Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon before we go onto California.


Everglades, Fl
Mangroves in the Everglades, Fl
Manatee Springs State Park, Fl
Benbrook Lake, Texas
Sweetwater Trail, Tucson Az

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