The Warmth of Tucson

We’ve been at Jeff’s sister’s house in Tucson, Az visiting for the last few weeks and just recently got back on the road. Words cannot express how grateful we are to the kindness and hospitality we received from his sister’s family. Pam and Tyson opened their home and shared their busy lives with us without even batting an eye. Tyson just finished medical school and is in his first year of residency, the girls still in school for the year with different schedules and Pam just announced she was pregnant again (with twins!!). So, even with all the hustle and bustle in the house, they never hesitated once to let us in.

We enjoyed every moment with them too. They made sure we tried slushees at Eegees and ice-cream at Sullivan’s, and finally tried In-and-Out too. We spent many nights watching movies or nature documentaries with everyone, which the girls would snuggle up with us. (I definitely got my share of Disney and Pixar movies for awhile!) Jeff and I would leave for day trips or even for a couple nights and would be greeted with the joyous screams of our nieces upon our return. We helped with dinner and sometimes with homework. I did crafts with the girls and decorated a cardboard car too. We all had a lot of fun!  The time we didn’t spend with the family was spent exploring areas around Tucson. Jeff and I walked around Sabino Canyon twice, the first time we went a little too late in the day and it was way too hot for hiking. We hiked at Sweetwater trail and walked around Sweetwater Wetlands. Spent a night at Mt. Lemmon on two separate occasions and hiked a nice staircase like trail at Saguaro National Park a couple times.

We really enjoyed our time in Tucson, playing in the sun, exploring and most of all being with family.

AAnnabelle and I snuggled watching movies
One last photo before we left!

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  1. Love slushees at Eegees. Tucson is such a lovely city. We live close to Mt. Lemon and really enjoy spending time there especially in the summer months. If its amazing the diversity of the entire state of Arizona. I can’t wait to read more about your adventures.

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