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Our blog was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by Pamela @ Bee Organized With Pamela We’d really like to thank you Pamela, it’s very much appreciated!!
Pamela’s blog is the greatest thing for those needing some tips on organizing all the necessary things in life. Lets face it, we could all use a little organizing and order to the chaos, even if we just start with the dreaded junk drawer. She gives clever advice and has some really neat ideas too! Find her here and follow her on facebook too!!

So what is the Liebster Award anyway? As a new blogger on the scene, I had never heard of such of a thing, so I had to do a little digging around on the good old internet. I found this: it is an award given only online to bloggers from other bloggers. It helps new (or newerish) blogs get more recognition from the public, which is great because that’s why we write our blogs, so the people will read them. (Yay!!) The term Liebster is German and means; sweetest, kindest, dearest, lovely, etc… You can find the official rules for 2016 here.

Here are my answers to Pamela’s questions. Now, even though the blog is ‘our’ blog, I am the primary writer, so questions and random facts will be pertaining just to myself.

1. A person whom inspires me would be my older cousin Deana. She’s always been one of the people in my life I’ve looked up to. She’s one of the toughest women I know; mind, body and soul. And she has the most generous heart. She inspires me to be a better person everyday.

2. A favorited place traveled is easy as we haven’t traveled too many places quite yet. I’m going to have to say Yosemite NP (Ask again in a few weeks and I may change my other mind). Absolutely the most beautiful land I’ve seen yet.

3.Brazil is the place I’d like to travel to one day. It’s always been one of those far away places that seems so exotic and dreamy.

4. I haven’t read many books lately (still trying to get through Pride&Predujice&Zombies) but Running With Scissors was always a favorite, it’s such a dark yet comedic look into his world.

5. Secret talents? That’s a tough one, I don’t want to let out all of my secrets out at once… but I am quite crafty in the kitchen. I love finding the last few things in the fridge and seeing what comes from it.

6. I’d have to say one of my best character traits is I’m a very positive person. I’m the annoying one who always finds the positive side of a bad day.

7. A character strength I admire in others is of those who easily find themselves the center of attention. I like to say I’m outgoing and not shy but crowds and outings really make me nervous.

8. Jane Goodall is whom I’d like to meet if I had a chance to meet someone from history. Her work and compassion for primates is something to be admired and I would love to hear her stories.

9. I’d like to say I could pick one specific piece of advice, but my dad shoots out great advice daily. He’s such a positive person and always spreading it around.

10. One of my favorite meals would be Shepards Pie (vegetarian version) with Peach Cobbler for dessert and I would love to be able to share one last meal with my Papa.

11. The inspiration for our blog is simple; Life is short, get out there and experience it. We thought we would share our adventures and misadventures while we go where ever life takes us.

Image from judithetrose.blogspot.com

And who wouldn’t want to know 11 random things about me?!

1. I’m one of the only 2 people in our family who are left handed.

2. I’m a true crazy cat lady at heart. (Drive my husband crazy with cat videos all the time)

3. I broke my nose once in a mosh pit at a metal concert. It had to be surgically reset.

4. Love gardening and am missing it right now as we’re traveling.

5. My husband and I are so in sync with each other that we often say the same things at the same time. (I always tell him to get out of my head.)

6. I’ve been vegetarian for 8 years now.

7. I once hand fed and raised a baby pigeon until he was old enough to be released into the wild again. (they actually drink a ‘milk’ when real young)

8. I will always prefer yoga pants/leggings over jeans.

9. I love splashing in water but deeply terrified of drowning.
10. I cannot drive a stick shift and refuse to learn….

11. I am truly enjoying writing our blog. I was a little nervous about it at first to be completely honest.

*Questions to my nominees:
1. Vacation time, however you have to choose between an Island Getaway or a Mountain Retreat. What do you choose?

2. What was your favorite meal as a child? Has this changed now as an adult?

3. Morning wake-up; Coffee or Tea??

4. What is the farthest distance you have traveled from home?

5. What would be you ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ getaway vehicle? (sorry zombie nerd!!)

6. Stranded on a deserted island; What three items would what to have with you?

7. If you could travel back in time, which decade would you go?

8. What’s your favorite board game?

9. What was the inspiration for your blog?

10. How do you wind down after a long crazy day?

11. Who was your teen heart-throb?

And the nominees are…. (*insert Drumroll here.)

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