Grammy’s House

We’ve been in Grants Pass for just about two weeks now. We’re staying with Jeff’s Grammy and getting time to spend with his family here. His grandfather passed away not too long ago so it’s nice to be able to be with Grammy. She seems to be enjoying our company and hosting our stay. Jeff’s been working this last week with his uncle and will continue to work for two more weeks, so I stay at home with Grammy and we find things to do. Her and I run errands, chat over coffee (or tea), do a little yard work or conjure up something yummy for dinner. Grammy just got a new puppy too so much of our day is spent training and running after the little stinker.

His grandmother’s home is just outside of town with a lovely view of the surrounding mountains. The mountains seem so close I feel like I could just walk across the street and right on up a trail. Birds come from all directions and greet you with their songs as you walk out the back door and sometimes a light breeze wraps around your shoulders as you sit in the warm sun. If you explore too far behind Grammy’s house you’ll run into bushes of wild blackberries, they’re a sweet treat to pick in the late of a summer afternoon. We put a hummingbird feeder up at Grammy’s kitchen window and within 24 hours, we had little buzzing hummingbirds fighting over the little yellow flowers on the feeder. She is really enjoying watching them and gets as excited as a young school girl when one of the little birds shows up as she stands there doing dishes.

Vanna is currently being used as a work van. All of our bedding and even the mattress has been removed as Jeff is using her to go back and forth to work. Most of our things we kept under the bed have taken over one side of Grammy’s garage. Rakes, shovels and other concrete tools now replace our totes and luggage. I got in the van the other day, in just a week of work it’s gotten so dirty, I can only imagine how dirty it’ll be when he’s done working in two more weeks. Our ‘house’ will be in need of a good cleaning before we get back on the road and continue our journey.

My back, well my whole body is enjoying some rest outside of the van. I got away from doing my yoga, so I’m trying to get back into it while we’re planted here in Oregon for a few weeks. Jeff’s cousin works at the YMCA here in town and gave me a few day passes, so I’m going to try to get a little swimming in. (ok, ok I’m probably just going to splash around like a dying seal) I’m also thinking about looking for some volunteer opportunities to keep me occupied while Jeff works. There’s a farm right down the street that supplies fresh food to the county’s food bank, I think I may give them a call. Gardening is always good for body and the soul.

Grammy and I making dinner
Vanna at Grammy’s
Jeff taking photos in Grammy’s backyard 

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