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Hey everyone!

We haven’t disappeared or anything, we just haven’t had much internet access so it’s been hard for me to post. We left Grants Pass last week after staying with Jeff’s Grammy for about a month. Jeff’s grown up going to Grants Pass for visits since his grandparents live there, but I’ve only visited a handful of times. I got to learn the city pretty well while we were there and have to say we kinda fell in love with the area. It has a lot of charm for a smaller town with a little bit of a big city touch. We felt the area had great community involvement too, which is wonderful. Jeff and I really want to get more involved with the community and our neighborhood wherever we may land. This place is definitely on our radar of potential places to move in the future.

I also found a wonderful volunteer opportunity in Grants Pass that kept me busy while Jeff worked. Down the street from his Grammy’s house is the Josephine County Food Bank and Raptor Creek Farm. A beautiful garden takes up just over 2 acres of the property with a giant warehouse to hold all of the fresh organic veggies and donated food before it is sent off to feed those in need of a full a belly. The garden supplies an array of veggies and herbs from basil to kale and tomatoes to watermelon. The organization is ran by a handful of amazing people and of course the many generous volunteers who offer their time daily. Everyone I met was extremely friendly and made the experience there so enjoyable. I was able to help with a variety of chores around the garden during my time volunteered. I helped harvest veggies, wash and bag the veggies, pruning and thinning, transplanting of young plants, weeding and I also helped on the building of a cob oven on the property. I so enjoyed my time there and I hope to visit again.

If you’d like any additional information about the Josephine County Food Bank or Raptor Creek Farms, you can find their information HERE

The Farmer Man Gif with some volunteers.
Pulling weeds.


Such a beautiful place

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