Family Time in Washington

Federal Way, WA is where Jeff and I have found ourselves the last couple weeks. We have been here visiting with Jeff’s sister Rachel and her family. On our arrival they were ready to show us around and were gracious hosts from the get go. We rolled into town with the van still not working very well and Scott, (the bro in law) immediately offered their car to us so we could get around and explore the city. We were told to make ourselves at home and before we knew it Manko was even sleeping on the back of the couch with their dog like it was her own house.

Rachel took us to Pikes Place Market our first Saturday here. The market was exactly as I had imagined but ten times the people. Jeff’s sister warned us the weekends were busy but the amount of people shopping and wandering the market was astounding. We read more than 9 million people visit the market each year that’s close to 25,000 visitors a day! We only stayed a short time so we weren’t able to see all of the multi-levels, therefore Jeff and I returned another time weaving in and out of the levels and people.

Jeff, Scott and their oldest Max went fishing a couple of times while I spent time with the girls. It sounded like they had a pretty good time and I really enjoyed hanging out Rachel and the two younger girls. All three of the kiddos are always on the move and constantly learning new things. Max is learning to read and comes up with the best questions, Louisa has the best imagination and can play for hours, and little Lydia is in the mimicking stage and it amazing to see her little mind working.

Scott and Rachel made sure we tried some of their favorite meals and places to eat. One night they made a seafood feast with tortellini and homemade alfredo sauce, everything was so tasty. Rachel even surprised me with a birthday cake one night! Jeff showed off his skills in the kitchen a couple of times too. And on another night we all played ‘picnic’ eating our dinner on blankets in the living room completed with plastic cups and straws.

Staying with Scott and Rachel has been so much fun. We shared some great laughs, had wonderful conversations, tickle wars with the kids and giggles about unicorns or silly jokes. I also loved reading with the kiddos and playing games too. For a couple of days the adults put together a 1000 piece puzzle, with Max’s assistance of course. It was his first ‘big’ puzzle, so it was really quite impressive to see how he figured things out and how long he stuck at it before getting bored.

Rachel and her family had plans to travel to Idaho for a visit about a week after we arrived here. So, they graciously offered their home to us so we could continue our adventures in the Seattle area. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful family.


Painting Louisa’s nails
At our picnic dinner
Max with our completed puzzle
Loved sitting next to this cute face in the car- Lydia

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