Spring is Here

Jeff and I may have woke up to frost covered grass this last Sunday but we were determined to crawl out of our little trailer and get some sunshine. This past winter had left us so cold and overwhelmed with cabin fever, we really needed to get out. Springtime in Idaho, you never know what to expect each day with the weather either. But, by the time we were done sipping our coffee on Sunday, the sun was shining and the frost was gone.

The lot we’re renting for our trailer right now has more dirt than grass. We wanted to start feeling a little more at home here, so Jeff planted grass seed and then we got to work on some flower beds. A neighbor of ours also gave us some trellises she wasn’t using anymore and we strategically placed them around the yard to help hide some of our eye sore areas. Between the flowers, bushes and seeds we planted, our yard should be looking pretty spectacular in a few weeks!

Our next step in making this place feeling a little more home like this spring, is getting a garden put in. When we were living in the van last year, one of the things we missed so much was having a garden. So, while we’re here in Boise trying to get to some kind of normalcy, we must put in a garden. Jeff has rotatilled the area a couple of times already and the other night we got all of our seed starts going inside the house. This coming weekend we plan on fencing in the garden and rotatilling in the manure/ compost. And then the fun stuff begins!!

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