Our Little City Homestead

While we’re getting snuggled into our routine and use to daily living in our tiny trailer here in the city, we can’t forget the one thing that made us so happy out in the country…. our garden! Before it got warmer Jeff was a little too excited to get his hands in the dirt and started a small (herb) garden in the house. Now we have an over abundance of plants waiting to go outside and an eager couple ready to play in the dirt.

A couple weekends ago Jeff made us a really neat garden fence. The fence is modular, so we can easily tear it down and move it whenever we decide to take our trailer on the road for more adventures.  We do all of our gardening organically and I also do companion planting, so before any of our seedlings go in, I planted seeds of marigolds and nasturtiums to help with bug patrol.  We will also be using different types of herbs to help with bugs and to act as companions to our veggies.  I actually draw out a map every time we plant a garden, just so we know exactly where everything will be.

Over the last two weeks / weekends, we’ve been able to put all of our seedlings out. Everything has been put out in staggering stages given the weird weather we had. Jeff is responsible for all of our tomatoes. We have planted 5 different types this year and he’s experimenting with a new growing method that we have just learned. My cousin’s husband is a master gardener and just recently shared a video on how to raise ‘monster tomatoes’. Check out the video HERE  to see how to raise your own monster tomatoes.

Jeff has also been learning how to propagate herbs, like basil, so we can multiply our plants and get more into the ground. It’s quite fascinating really to watch a propagated leaf grow tiny little roots and become a whole plant on it’s own.  Now that all of our seedlings are in the dirt and everything is growing, it’s just non-stop tending to the garden from here. But, it’s all worth it in the end to grow your own organic food. We’ll be able to enjoy, freeze, can and of course share the beauty that comes from our garden.

Jeff’s little herb garden
Green Bean seedlings soaking up the morning sun..


Strawberry starts from my grandma’s garden…Mmmm!!!
A ‘monster’ tomato. Check the link above on how to grow your own ‘monster’ tomato.


One of our favorites in the garden- horseradish!!


Tomato alley…. our row of ‘monster’ tomatoes, all different varieties too. Can’t wait!!!
I’ve also planted more herbs (and flowers!!) in pots all around the yard




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